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Why get training in MS Excel ? Why is MS-Excel so important in  today’s work and business environment? Microsoft Office Suite is used by nearly every employer, school and university in the world and the more extensive your skills with the application suite, especially Excel spreadsheets, the more attractive a candidate you are when applying for jobs.

Our MS Excel training materials including videos will help you to understand:

  • The Microsoft Excel interface
  • Data types like text, numerical, date, time, etc.  that can be used and manipulated in MS Excel
  • Formulas used to perform calculations and data analysis in Excel
  • Functions – inbuilt and custom – in Excel
  • Charts
  • Automation of tasks using VBA

Above: A complete free structured MS Excel VBA course consisting of 38 videos

Both beginners and advanced users of Microsoft Excel can benefit from our training videos. We cover the MS Excel versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Although features and power of processing in MS Excel have improved with every new version, the basic calculations and formulas remain.
We recommend that you buy a good MS Excel book as a companion to your learning. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact via email or comment on the relevant posts or pages.

Based on the data obtained from YouTube analytics the following training videos on MS Excel are most popular:

Transfer data from one Excel worksheet to another automatically
Inventory solution Microsoft Excel
Adding and using a combo-box on a userform in MS-Excel
How to capture data from user-forms into Excel worksheet
Design user form in Excel
How to create notifications or reminders in Excel

If you are looking for a specific solution in MS Excel then please use the on-page search facility to quickly and easily find the answer .

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16 thoughts on “MS Excel Training Videos

  1. Mathew Varghese

    Thank you Sir, Your videos inspired me to learn VBA coding. It has been extremely helpful in my work. Thank you once again and keep helping students like me. God bless you.

      1. Saeed Ahmed

        Dear Sir,

        I saw your video that was very help full for me, I am the new user of macro (VBA in excel) .

        “Copy Data to another Excel workbook based on sales and date criteria using VBA – 360p.mp4”

        I am facing one problem in my work book. ( The all transactions of specific criteria on particular date once moved to another workbook, its ok, but if again I run my macros all the entries which are moved to the another workbook they are repeated. I means I dont want to move them again by running macros second time once they are moved). How could i prevent these entries once they are moved, please help me.

        Kind Regards

        Saeed Ahmed

    1. Arvind Shah

      Thank you very much for your Excel Training Video. I have a problem to download or scraping password protected web Yahoo Portfolio to my excel file. I tried but it’s not work. It’s shows some error. I have show your scraping data video, but some problem arise. if you can guide me than i can send you that file to remove error. once again thank you very much for your Educational video.

      Arvind Shah

  2. sanjeev

    your you tube videos are very useful while making excel working.
    it is simple in language & very much understandable.
    Thanks again

  3. Javed Ashraf Khan

    I love you Sir!
    its really very moving and impressive for me to learn from your videos. It has benefited me a lot.
    I am proud of being your student.Its my first ever post. I will remain in contact with you Sir! I hope you will guide me to discover new horizons in the field of MS Excel.
    Regards : Javed From (Umerzai) Charsadda.

  4. Javed Ashraf Khan

    I am Javed again!
    Sir can you guide me to learn about Ms Access 2007.

  5. Reggie

    This is Reggie and I am not sure if you got my previous email. What email id should I send a request for Excel help? Thanks again for all your tutorials.

  6. Davina

    Hi Mr Takyar
    I am current working in a company as sales executive
    i have created a “weekly report” for my sales person to update their number for the past year seem to be not so effective as they have 25 plaform in each tab for each
    Tab A/B/C/D
    Magazine A,
    Advertiser 1 – 2500
    Advertiser 2 – 4500
    Advertiser 3 – 5500
    Magazine B,
    Advertiser 1 – 5500
    Advertiser 2 – 6500
    Advertiser 3 – 5900

    Magazine A Total – 12,500
    Magazine B Total – 17,900

    All the above will link to my Division Leader excel spreadsheet for her to view,
    however she also challange me this year to do a different report as she wanna view in each individual advertiser spending on each individual platform in each individual month

    FYI: We have 25 sales in our division, 1800 advertiser accounts, 25 platform.
    link i have used: SUMIF, SUMPRODUCT,
    i was thinking if there is any possible to use VBA to do so, so that it will aoto generate from all 25 sales weekly report for each individual tab (their is 12 tab in each weekly report) into my DL’s report whenever she wanna view in her own conviniece, instead of me go into each sales person file to copy & paste it out and collage it together for her everyweek.

    kindly seek for your kind advice on this

  7. Amalendu Das

    Dear sir,
    First of all thanks a lot for giving such a opportunity to learn VBA. I am a beginner so it would be helpful if you send me to my mail id all of the codding which you have started from the beginning. I would be grateful if you can for me.

    Amalendu Das

  8. Gajanan Ashok Pujari


    Sir need your help, as i have created user from, and I want time should capture when some data is entered in text box.

    I have text called,

    txtale – when data entered in this text box automatically time should capture in excel

  9. Saeed Ahmed

    Sir pls tell me the macro which could stop the repeated things, Its a kind request pls help me in this regards

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