Do While Excel Loop Macro in Hindi

If you use index numbers to refer to cells you can use a do-while loop to automate calculations and analysis in MS Excel. View training video in Hindi.

A do while loop Excel macro is one of the powerful code you can create to automate calculations or perform analysis. The looping is performed as long as a condition is met and the computer stops the calculations as soon as the defined condition is met. We can, for example as shown in the online training video, define that the loop should run as long as data is available in the column number one under the header Item.
The code now looks like this for this sample. Text following an apostrophe is treated as a remark.:
sub calculations() ‘ name of the macro
Row = 3 ‘we define the starting row
Do while Cells(Row,1)<>”” ‘we want the computer to perform the calculations as long as there is data in column number one
Cells(Row,4)=Cells(Row,3)*Cells(Row,2) ‘ Here we multiply the quantity with the rate of the item and place the data under the head Amount
Row=Row+1 ‘ now the computer should look for data in the next row
Loop ‘ The program should keep on looping till it finds no data in column no. 1
End Sub ‘ End the program
Now you can try your hand at calculatiing the VAT and the Final amount by modifying the macro appropriately.
View the video for details.

Watch the Excel VBA training video on YouTube

12 thoughts on “Do While Excel Loop Macro in Hindi

  1. Rimy

    can you please solve my problem. do files k data ko, master file k do alag alag sheet mein kaise copy karein.
    please send me the code for that programe

    1. Rimy

      i have one question, I have two files, say file 1 and file 2 and i want to copy the data of file 1 into the Sheet1 of the master file and the data of file 2 into Sheet 2 of the master file. with Vba code

      please send me the code for that.

      Thank you.

    2. Sanne

      Que unha linda! fofa demais, parabéns pela cravaitidide :)Flor, acabo de conhecer teu blog através da Melina Souza… e simplesmente amei! Muito fofo, já estou te seguindo e espero os próximos posts ^^ Beijos!


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