Free Personal Assistant in Excel

How to get a free personal assistant in Excel who reads out the data
Speak Cells Feature in Microsoft Excel
With the speak cells feature in Microsoft Excel you can have your own personal assistant who will read or speak out your data entries and you can correct any errors in your worksheet.

Implementing the feature:
1. Click on the Microsoft office button
2. Select Excel Options…
3. In the Excel Options window that pops up we click on ‘Customize’ on the left
4. From the ‘Choose command from’ we click on the drop-down arrow and select ‘All Commands’
5. We scroll down and select the option ‘Speak Cells’
6. Click on the ‘Add > >’ button in the center to add the feature to the Quick Access Toolbar’
7. We also add ‘Speak cells – Stop Spea…’, Speak cells by column, Speak cells by Rows and Speak cells on Enter
8. Click on the OK button
9. We select the cells A3:A7 and click on Speak Cells by Columns in the Quick Access Toolbar
10. The data is read out clearly
11. Similarly we select the cells F3:F7 to be read out
12. We stop the feature by clicking on Speak Cells – Stop Speak Cells’
13. We select the the cells A4:F4 in row 4 and click on Speak cells by Rows
14. We activate the feature Speak cells on Enter, enter Anthony in cell A15 and press enter. The name is read out!
15. If you enter 90 in cell B15 and press enter the marks are also read out
16. If you were not able to hear please check out the second video below.
Watch the two videos below to see how the feature of speaking out or reading the worksheet cells data is implemented:

In case you were not able to hear the voice here is a shorter video. Click on the play button!

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