Keyboard and MS Office Ribbon Excel 2007

Use keyboard to work with Ribbon programs in Excel 2007: Sometimes it can be fun and convenient to work with the keyboard using keyboard shortcuts to access the Ribbon programs in Excel 2007.
Press and release the ‘alt’ key on the keyboard. You will notice alphabets or characters displayed over each feature. Press ‘H’, for example, to display further characters over features like ‘copy’, ‘paste’, etc. In this manner the access keys help to quickly use a command. In fact, just using two to four keystrokes you can access most commands. To hide the Key-tips press and release the ‘alt’ key again.
You can move from tab to tab without using the mouse. Once you have activated a tab of the ribbon by pressing the ‘alt’ key or ‘F10’ key from the top row of the keyboard, you can use the ‘left’ or ‘right’ arrow navigation keys at the bottom right to move to another tab. To minimize or restore the Ribbon, you can press a combination of keys ‘ctrl’ and ‘F1’.
To display, for example, the shortcut menu for the selected command press the keys ‘Shift’ and ‘F10’. To view the status bar at the bottom of the window of your document press ‘F6’. To move the focus to each command in the ribbon, forward or backward, press ‘alt’ or ‘F10’ and then ‘TAB’ or ‘Shift+TAB’. To activate the selected command in the ribbon press ‘space-bar’ or ‘enter’. To get help on the selected command or control in the Ribbon, press ‘F1’.

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