Named ranges in Microsoft Excel

Named ranges in Microsoft Excel is an excellent feature. Instead of using the cell ranges for calculations or analysis of our spreadsheet data, we assign the range a name and then use it.
For example, we may have the values of the salaries of the employees in the range of C4:C12. Now if we wish to find the total of the salaries of the employees we can use the formula:
This is not a large range so it is relative easy to select it and use the formula. What if the range was large? Then every time we wanted to do some calculations we would have to select the worksheet range. This can indeed be cumbersome. What is the solution? We select the data range and assign it a name, let’s say, ‘salaries’. Now to calculate the sum we use the formula:
This is quite convenient and work gets done faster. In fact when we start writing the formula, ‘=sum(sa….)’ MS Excel displays a list which contains the name ‘salaries’ and we can quickly and easily select it and use it in the formula.
The easiest way to define a worksheet range name is to select the range and type the name in the ‘Name Box’ on the left corner of the worksheet above the column A. Other options include assigning names via the formula tab and selecting ‘Create from Selection’ in the ‘Defined Names’ group or selecting ‘Define Name’ in the same group as shown in the training video.
In summary, the use of named ranges for calculations or data analysis is more intuitive and productive when working in Microsoft Excel.

View the Excel training video:

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