Payment Calculations based on Timestamps in Excel

The user enters the start time-stamp and the end timestamp and the rate per hour or minute and based on this data you can quickly and easily calculate the payment or total amount due using a simple formula.
Time-stampjust means that you enter the date and time in one shot in the relevant Excel worksheet cell. Excel treats the date as an integer and the time as a fraction. You enter the timestamp as ’04/15/2012 9:00′ which means ’15th April 2012 9 am’. Once you’ve entered both the ‘start’ and ‘end’ timestamps you can calculate the total amount or total payment as shown in the video.

Formula entered in cell E4 to calculate amount:

C4=End Timestamp
B4=Start Timestamp
24 = total number of hours in a day
D4= hourly rate

If the rate is per minute then the formula would be:


Watch the Excel training video below to learn how to use timestamps in Microsoft Excel to calculate the payments:

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