Pivot Table

Pivot tables in Excel
What can you do with Pivot Tables?

  • Pivot tables are interactive tables
  • Pivot tables help to organize and compare data
  • They can help to view trends and relationships quickly
  • They make it easy to change the view quickly so that you can see another interesting aspect of your data just like in a kaleidoscope
  • Best of all, it just takes seconds to make the reorganization of the Excel data

How to create pivot tables in Excel:

  • Ask yourself: What do I need to display in my pivot reports?
  • In our example, we wanted to display the names of the sales people, how much they sold and what commission they earned
  • Also we should be able to view sales in different locations – individually and totally
  • We placed the names in the ‘Drop Row Fields Here’
  • We placed the ‘Order Amount’ in ‘Drop Data Items Here’ because this where the calculation takes place
  • We dropped the ‘Location’ items in ‘Drop Page Fields here’ because we could view each location in a different page
  • Finally we added a ‘calculated filed’ to calculate the ‘commission’ using a customized ‘if’ function
  • We then applied formatting to the pivot table to make it look appealing!
  • And if you think this is not what you wanted, just pull out the item headings and start over again
  • Refer to the Excel training video to see pivot tables in action

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