Website Design: This WordPress site has been designed using the Twenty Fifteen theme. It’s an elegant and fully responsive site which makes navigation for the users easy and is almost SEO optimized.

How to monetize your website content: Creating content like the MS Excel training videos requires investment of time, knowledge and money. To recover some of the costs involved we use Adsense to make money online. The process is easy to implement. But you’ll have to work steadily to optimize your earnings. Mostly this will depend on the usefulness of your content to the visitors.

Web-hosting: We recommend Godaddy as web host. It’s easy to use and the services are excellent. The response time to a query is normally 24 hours or earlier. The interaction with Godaddy to find a solution to a problem including refunds or transfers is always hassle-free. Their prices are definitely very competitive.

Training Videos: Most of our videos are created using Camtasia. The software is easily downloadable for a month’s free trial from We can create and edit high-quality videos using a great interface.

Books: We purchase most of our Microsoft Excel and many other books online. We recommend that you buy at least 2 MS Excel books if you are serious about learning spreadsheets. Recommended books are: Microsoft Excel 2013 Power Programming with VBA by John Walkenbach – India Edition or USA Edition. The Dummies series is also a good buy.