Create Workbook Based on Template

Creating new workbook based on template
Excel 2007 like Excel 2003 provides excellent templates. Templates are pre-formatted workbooks which also include interesting formulas and functions. Templates can be used for standard repetitive tasks like filling out a time card, expense report or calculating an equal monthly installment as in loan amortization. You can use the templates by customizing them for your company by inserting your logo, address, phone number, etc. How do you base a new workbook on a template: 1. Click the Microsoft Office Button and then click New. 2. Under Templates, click on Installed Templates. 3. Select a template like Time Card. As you can see in the training video we have used a time card to calculate the total amount that would be due to a employee for a week’s work. You enter the necessary data and other calculations in the Excel workbook like total hours worked, total pay, etc. are done automatically. So templates can help you save time.
If you browse Microsoft’s official website you can do a search for templates specifically for Excel templates. Different categories of templates exist and you will find thousands of templates in each category. You can download many of these templates if you find them useful. Many other websites also provide free templates. Some of the more interesting templates have to be purchased. In fact, creating templates is an industry by itself. Of course, once you have mastered Excel and have an excellent knowledge of finance or office work, you can also create your own templates. You can view the training video on how to create an interesting template here.

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