Avoid Auto Hyperlinks Excel

How to avoid auto hyperlinks during data entry in Excel
Automatic creation of hyperlinks while entering a web address or an email address is a cause of frustration for many users. In the last few days we have received many emails asking how to avoid these automatic ‘hyperlinks’ while entering data in Excel. For example, if you write an email address into an Excel cell like [email protected], it is automatically ‘hyperlinked’. Or if you type a web address like http://www.familycomputerclub.com, it automatically creates a hyperlink. How can the user avoid this?

Let’s see how this can be achieved in both Excel 2003 and 2007.

In Excel 2003:

  • Click on ‘Tools’ in the menu bar
  • Select ‘options…’
  • Click on ‘spelling’
  • Click on ‘AutoCorrect Options…’
  • Click ‘Autoformat as you type’ and deselect ‘Internet and network paths with hyperlinks’.

In Excel 2007:

  • Click on the ‘Office Button’
  • Select Excel Options.
  • In Excel options window select ‘Proofing’ on the left top
  • Select ‘AutoCorrectOptions..’
  • Click Autoformat As You Type’ and finally deselect ‘Internet and network paths with hyperlinks’.

Click ‘OK’ to complete the process.

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