Conditional Formatting Excel 2007

Conditional formatting in Excel 2007 is one of the easiest ways to convert data into information. Let’s say you have details about the Employees in a company and you wish to find out quickly and easily about all the employees whose salary is greater than 10000 units. You highlight the data, click on conditional formatting and then select the option ‘Highlight greater than’ and the data will be highlighted appropriately. You can now quickly see which employees meet the salary condition. No need to look at each data with a comb.
In the training video below we have also demonstrated how to get the conditional formatting icon into the quick access bar so that the implementation of conditional formatting becomes even easier and quicker. Conditional formatting offers other conditions with which you can perform highlighting of relevant data. In fact, using ‘more rules’ you customize the conditions according to which you would like to convert data into excellent information.

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