Add Scrollbar Control

Add a scroll bar into an Excel Sheet

Inserting a scroll bar into an Excel worksheet to enter data:

  • Click the Scroll bar on the forms toolbar and drag across cell  as shown in the Excel training video
  • Right-click the scroll bar and select the Format Control… to bring up a dialog box.
  • Fill in the dialog box as shown in the training video with the ‘cell link’ to an appropriate cell (d5). This will allow interest rates to vary between 10 to 15% and the rate will be incremented by 0.25% each time the scroll bar is clicked. Click OK
  • Press key ‘Esc’ or click away from the scroll bar to deselect it
  • In cell C6 type the formula ‘=D5/10000’
  • Now try out the scroll bar control!

The Excel training video demonstrates the concept in detail.

In the next video we will demonstrate the complete process. You can view the previous video on how to add a combobox and a spin button to an Excel worksheet.

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