Advanced Filter

Advanced Filter in Excel

Apply advanced filter in Excel to get information from your data using multiple criteria

The Advanced Filter command on the Data menu lets you use complex criteria to filter an Excel range, but it works differently from the Excel AutoFilter command in several important ways.

  1. It displays the Advanced Filter dialog box instead of the Custom AutoFilter dialog box.
  2. You type the complex criteria in a criteria range in the dialogue box.
  3. Excel uses the separate criteria range in the Advanced Filter dialog box as the source for the complex criteria.
  4. The Advanced Filter command does not display drop-down lists for the columns as in Autofilter.

How to implement an advanced filter on your data in Excel:

  • Select the headings of your Excel data and copy them
  • Paste the headings, leaving 3-4 rows or columns between the data and the new pasted headings.
  • Define your filter criteria under each pasted heading as demonstrated in the Excel training video below.
  • Click inside your data area.
  • Click ‘Data’ from menu bar, select filter and then advanced filter.
  • Follow the instructions and complete the ‘advanced filter’ as shown in the training video.

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