Auto Filter Excel

AutoFilter in Excel  

Use Autofilter in Excel to quickly get information from your data

The Excel training video demonstrates the use of Autofilter in Excel:

  • Click inside your data
  • Click on ‘Data’ on the menu bar
  • Select Filter and then AutoFilter
  • Drop-Down-Arrows appear next to your headers
  • Now you can define the filter criteria by clicking on the drop-down-arrows

What information do you wish to extract from your Excel data?

  • Decide what information you want to extract from your data in Excel
  • For example, you may want to know which employee made the highest sales this month
  • Or, which has been the best selling product during the last six months
  • Or, maybe you want to know about all the stationery products you purchased and their name begins with ‘p’!

Before you begin using the Autofilter feature in Excel, it is recommended to keep the following points in mind for the organization of your data:

  1. The top row of each Excel column should have a heading that describes the contents of the column, such as “Item” or “Unit Price”.
  2. The data in each column should all be of one type only. Do not mix text in a column with numbers, or numbers in a column with dates.
  3. Excel data should not be interrupted by blank rows or blank columns. Individual blank cells are okay.
  4. The data you want to filter should be on its own Excel worksheet. If that’s not possible, it should be separated from other data by a blank row or blank column.

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