Conditional Formatting Excel

The aim of conditional formatting in Excel is to highlight data in a worksheet or spreadsheet so that it stands out from the rest of the Excel data and provides certain information. For example, you may want to highlight all employees who receive a salary of greater than or equal 2000000 per year. A teacher might want to know which students scored the highest marks in Math. A store owner might wish to know which products sell the best or which sales person contributed to the highest sales in a particular month or quarter. As you can see, formatting the Excel data based on some condition(s) or criteria is a great tool to extract information from raw data.

How to implement conditional formatting:

  • Select the Excel cells to which you wish to apply ‘formatting’ based on some ‘condition(s)’
  • Click on ‘Format’ in the menu bar
  • Select ‘conditional formatting…’
  • Define the condition(s) to apply
  • Select the formatting style to apply if condition is true •Finish the process by clicking ‘ok’ as shown in the Excel training video

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