Custom Data Validation

Custom Data Validation in Excel Our video today shows how to use a custom data validation in Excel which relates to entry of Names as text and salaries as numerical values. We wish that the names should be entered as text and the salary should be entered as numbers and as soon as that doesn’t happen the data entry operator or user should be warned and take necessary action.  In the earlier videos we had demonstrated how to validate names and designations of employees using lists. We had also shown how to validate entries involving salaries of employees to reduce data entry errors. How to implement custom validation in Excel:

  • Select the Excel cells where you wish to enter the relevant data
  • Click on ‘Data’ in the menu bar •Select Validation…
  • A Data Validation dialog box opens
  • Under ‘Allow’ where you will see the default value as ‘Any value’, click on the drop-down arrow and select ‘custom’
  • On selecting ‘custom’ a formula text box appears
  • Inside the formula text box you type your criteria as shown in the Excel training video
  • We have shown some interesting examples of customization

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