Charts in Microsoft Excel

Charts in Microsoft Excel – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Let’s learn about charts in Microsoft Excel today. Our data consists, for example, of students names and their marks in various subjects. From this data we have calculated the total marks, average marks and also assigned the grades based on specific criteria. Now we can create a chart of let’s say, students names and their marks in Maths which may be represented by Marks3. If we create a column chart we’ll quickly see which students performed best and which student achieved the least marks. In a similar fashion we could generate a column chart using names and total marks or average marks. To see how a student fared in individual subjects we could create a pie chart of a single student with marks obtained in each of the subjects. This pie chart would immediately show us visually in which subject the student did best.
How to create a column chart of the students against their average marks:

  • Select the names of the students
  • Keeping Ctrl pressed select the average marks
  • Click on the Insert tab
  • Click on column from the charts command group
  • From the drop down options click on clustered column chart option
  • A chart with columns of data representing the average marks is displayed. You can immediately see which student did the best.
  • The title of the charts is Average Marks and the columns are in blue. The chart has been placed over the data
  • We can move the chart away from our data or to another worksheet
  • To move the chart to another worksheet click on the Move Chart (Location) icon under Chart Tools under Design
  • You’ll see a new window called Move Chart
  • You’ll see the sub-title – “Choose where you want the chart to be placed:’
  • The text box next to the ‘New sheet’ option is filled with Chart1
  • The selected option ‘Object in:’ displays an highlighted item ‘Sheet1’ with a drop down arrow
  • Click on the drop down arrow and select Sheet3 to place the chart there
  • Other options like change chart type, save as template under type, switch row/column, select data under Data, Quick layout under Charts layout and Quick styles under Chart styles to change the colour of the columns or their styles like 3D
  • You could click on the green columns, then right click to get a menu and then add data labels to the columns to display individual average marks above to the columns

About charts in MS Excel you can truly conclude: A picture is worth a thousand words!

View the Excel training video to learn about charts in Excel quickly and easily: