Conditional Formatting Excel Macro in Hindi

You can perform automated calculations using the for next loop or the do while loop. Now you can insert a few lines of code using the IF function and format your data based on specific conditions. Thus you can automate the conditional formatting process too.
The code now looks like this:
Sub calculations()
For Row = 3 To 10
Cells(Row, 4) = Cells(Row, 3) * Cells(Row, 2)
Cells(Row, 5) = Cells(Row, 4) * 0.125
Cells(Row, 6) = Cells(Row, 4) + Cells(Row, 5)
If Cells(Row, 6) >= 3000 Then
Cells(Row, 6).Font.ColorIndex = 3
End If
Next Row
End Sub
You can view the online training video in Hindi to understand the extra code and further details.

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