Copy Paste Excel Chart into PowerPoint Using Paste Special

You may wish to use your chart that you created in MS Excel in PowerPoint. Also you would like to update the chart in PowerPoint if you correct or update the data in Excel. Let’s see how we can copy and paste the Excel pie chart into PowerPoint using the paste special feature.

First we select the data in Excel that has been organized in a special way, click on the insert tab in the ribbon, select ‘Pie’ from the Charts group and finally click on the 2D-Pie chart to insert it.
Next we right-click on the chart’s area and format its labels using the ‘category name’, ‘value’ and percentage.
Now we select the chart, click on ‘copy’ in the clipboard group of the home tab.
We start powerPoint, right-click on the workspace to change the layout to ‘blank’ and under the clipboard group in the home tab we click on the arrow below the ‘Paste’ option, select ‘Paste Special…’ , select the option ‘Paste Link’ and under the option ‘As’ we select ‘Microsoft Excel Chart Object’ . This shows a ‘Result’ below as:
Inserts a picture of the clipboard contents into your presentation. Paste Link creates a shortcut to the source file so that changes to the source file will be reflected in your presentation.

Next we click on OK to complete the Paste Special process.

Now when we change the data in Excel, not only is the Excel chart immediately updated but also the chart in PowerPoint.

Watch the Excel training video below to understand the process quickly and easily: