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Query of a website visitor:
‘Hi Dinesh, How are you? Long time since I’ve needed assistance, but of course I can’t figure it out. Now I do have from the past you gave me help on merging columns,Example columns A, B, C, D and E and put the result in column F. But, I want to do the opposite. Take f and separate to A, B, C, D, E, etc. Is that possible? I have a pdf file I press copy and paste , I paste it into excel, but it loads into one column I have attached the page to copy and the excel example
thanks for your help
William P’
Often many statistical documents are available to us in PDF format. The PDF file format has many advantages:
1. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and you can view the PDF files on any computer as long as you have this reader.
2. PDF files often take less space on the computer
3. Viewing PDF files in different magnifications makes it more readable
4. Nowadays it’s easy to convert a word document into a PDF file using MS Word
5. Actually PDF has become the format of choice for distributed documents online However, if you wish to perform calculations and analysis on the numerical data in a PDF file you can either retype the data (time consuming) or use some interesting free or paid tools to convert the data into Excel. You can subscribe at the following for a paid conversion: $19.99/year
This website offers free PDF to XLS conversion.
This is another great software to convert PDF to Excel.
Another tool you can try is available at

Note: You can also use the text-to-column feature in MS-Excel to convert data in one column into many columns of appropriate size.

Watch the training video below to see how we have implemented the conversion of PDF to Excel: