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A message from a website visitor:
I have to submit the ‘end-of-day’ inventory as a hard-copy in MS-Word with some specific details also in MS-Word to my boss before leaving the store. Whenever I copy the data from MS-Excel and paste it into MS-Word the data appears with the Excel worksheet cells. I only want the data because that is how I’m expected to submit the data. A detailed explanation on how to achieve this will help more. Thanks!

You can setup MS Excel to achieve this goal by doing the following:

Select the relevant data and copy it
Go to MS Word and click on Paste in the home tab and then select Paste Special…
In the ‘Paste Special’ window that pops up select the Paste option and then click on ‘Unformatted Text’ in ‘As’ area
Click OK and the work is done!

While we were working on this solution both the MS Excel and MS Word applications were open. In case you have the application MS Word closed and you have copied and linked some data from Excel into Word then you will receive the following message as shown in the image below:


Watch the training video below to learn how to do a copy and paste special and also how to perform a copy and Paste link: