Count Total Between Two Dates Using COUNTIFS Function

A website visitor had dates and sales on certain dates which he represented with ‘1’ for ‘yes’ and ‘0’ for ‘no’. He wanted to know how to count the total number of sales between any two specific dates.
We solved this problem using the COUNTIFS function.
The COUNTIFS function can apply multiple criteria across multiple criteria ranges and count the cells that fulfill the criteria but the ranges have to be equal in size. You can use upto 127 criteria/criteria range pairs. The criteria can be a number like 0 or 1, text like “yes” or “no”, “>=12”, “<=45″. You can use the wild-card characters like ‘?’ or ‘*’ in criteria. You can also use cell references like ‘&A4’ in the criteria as we have done. Syntax of COUNTIFS: COUNTIFS(criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2]…) Because we wish to count the total between two dates our COUNTIFS function takes the general form: =COUNTIFS(A:A,”>=”&DATE1,A:A, “<=”&DATE2,B:B,1)
DATE1=Start date
DATE2=End Date

You could use the above function to count for example how many managers left the comapany during a certain period and how many joined during the same or another period.

COUNTIFS Function in Excel

Watch the Excel training video below to learn how to count the total between two dates in Microsoft Excel quickly:

COUNTIFS Function Using Yes and No