Conditional Formatting Solution

Conditional Formatting – Interesting Solution

A user wishes to highlight those players in his club who have made their payments and also submitted the mandatory documents. He also believes that he can solve this problem using an ‘IF’ function. Now we demonstrate an elegant and interesting solution to the problem by using the conditional formatting feature in Microsoft Excel 2007.
First we input the player’s name in cell B5. Next we define the rules that will finally determine how to highlight the players who meet our conditions.
The exact question of the user is given below for your ready reference:
“How do I write this Microsoft Excel IF statement?
I am compiling a football program chart of who has paid & turned in documents. If documents are turned in and balance due is zero, I would like the cell with the player’s name to fill with red. Example: player y’s name is in cell B5. If he has turned in his physical, cell e5 will have an X in it, same with cell f5 for his birth certificate. If his balance due in zero, g5 will contain a “0”. How do I get the cell with his name (B5) to fill in with red (not font color, FILL color) if everything is complete? If documents are not turned in, cells e5 & f5 will be blank; if payment is still owing, the amount due will be in cell g5, and I would like the name cell to remain white. Hope it’s not too confusing. Thanks so much!

Additional Details
The problem is, I don’t remember HOW to enter the parameters. I took an Excel class 15 years ago and have no recollection how to do this. If E5 and F5 both contain an “X”, AND G5 contains a “0”, I would like B5 to fill with red. If either of those are not true, I would like B5 to remain white. ”

Watch the video below to see how you can solve the problem: