Convert Date to Name of Weekday

How to convert 6/5/2011 into Sunday, 6/5/2011
This a question asked by one of our students via email who works for a travel agency and they create a lot of itineraries for their customers in Microsoft Excel.
‘I need help with Microsoft excel! Please help?!?!?
Is there a way to just type the date in a cell and it will tell you the day of that date?
For example
Turn this
into this
6/5/2011 Sunday’.

Details of the process:

1. Select the cell with the data, for example, cell A2 with the date 6/5/2011
2. Right-click on it to get the contextual menu
3. Click on Format Cells…
4. In the Format Cells window that pops up we select the item Date on the left
5. On the right under ‘Type:’ we select ‘*Wednesday, March 14, 2001′
6. We observe under Sample that our date is displayed as Sunday, June 05, 2011’
7. Now our cell contains the name of the weekday as well as the date in a detailed format
8. To format all the cells below the header ‘Day & Date’ in cell A1 in our Excel worksheet we select the cell A2, click on the format painter icon that looks like a brush in the Clipboard command group of the Home tab and select all the cells from A3:A8 to give the dates the same format as in cell A2
9. All our date cells now contain the name of the weekday and the date in long format.

Watch the video below to see how this is done quickly and easily: