Create Multiple Charts in Excel

Create Two Charts at Once

Implementing the process:

  • Select the names of the student.
  • Press Ctrl and select the total marks and the average marks from the Excel worksheet
  • Click the Insert tab
  • Select Column to insert a column chart
  • Select the Clustered Column option
  • A chart is place in Sheet1 above our data
  • We can place the chart in Sheet2 or Sheet3 also
  • We select the total marks bars
  • From the Chart Tools and the Type command group we select Change Chart Type
  • From the Change Chart Type window we select the line chart option
  • We can see two different charts in the chart area on our sheet
  • We right-click on the line chart and click on Format Data Series…
  • In the Format Data Series window under the header ‘Series Options’ we select the option button ‘Secondary Series’ and close the window
  • We can now see the axis for both the average marks and the total marks
  • We can now click in the Chart Styles area on Quick Styles and apply interesting formatting to our chart to make it more appealing

Watch the video below to see how you can create two charts at once by using a secondary axis. Then you can apply quick styles to make your charts look lovelier for presentation purposes.