Embed Excel Sheets in Web Pages

How to embed Excel Worksheet data in web pages and update the data automatically:

1. Create an email account at Outlook.com, earlier known as Hotmail.com

2. Log into this email account

3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to Oulook

4. Choose Excel

5. Click on ‘Recent Documents on One Drive’. This is the storage space that Outlook provides free of cost (about 25 GB). Or, alternatively click on ‘New Blank workbook’ and input the relevant data.

6. From the recent documents select the relevant file to open it

7. After the file opens click on View

8. Click on ‘Reading View’

9. Click on the drop-down arrow next to Share

10. Select embed

11. In the option ‘Select a range’ under ‘What to show’ enter the range you would like to embed. In case you wish to embed the entire worksheet let the default ‘Entire Workbook’ be selected

12. Under ‘Appearance’ ¬†un-check ‘Hide grid line’ to display the grid lines. Check the item ‘Include a download link’ to allow your website visitors to download the file

13. Under ‘Interaction’ check the option ‘Let people sort and filter’

14. Under ‘Dimensions’ you can view the width and height of the embedded document

15. Under the ‘Embed code’ you can either click on ‘copy’ or select the code by clicking inside the text-box and pressing Ctrl+ C to copy the code

16. Next log into your WordPress website or your HTML editor and paste the copied code there. Save you HTML file and publish it.

17. If you now change the data in your Excel worksheet, go to your web page and ‘refresh’ or ‘reload’ it, you’ll notice that the data in the embedded document also gets updated


Watch the training video to learn quickly how to embed Excel sheets in web pages: