How to Use MultiPage Control on UserForm in Excel

MultiPage Control in Excel User Forms

Sometimes our Excel User Form will have many controls and relevant data entry points and may become difficult to work with. In order to make our work smoother we can divide the user-form into smaller user-forms called multi-pages. Transferring data from such multi-forms to an Excel worksheet is quite easy using VBA. To insert mult-pages into our user-from we click on the MultiPage icon in the controls tool box and then click and drag inside our standard user-form.

MultiPage User Form Excel
MultiPage User Form Excel

The complete VBA code for this form is given below:

Private Sub cmdCancel_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub cmdTransfer_Click()
Range(“A3”).Value = Me.TextBox1.Value
Range(“B3”).Value = Me.TextBox2.Value
Range(“C3”).Value = Me.TextBox3.Value
Range(“D3”).Value = Me.TextBox4.Value
Range(“E3”).Value = Me.TextBox5.Value
Range(“F3”).Value = Me.TextBox6.Value
Range(“G3”).Value = Me.TextBox7.Value
Range(“H3”).Value = Me.TextBox8.Value
Range(“I3”).Value = Val(Me.TextBox7.Value) * Val(Me.TextBox8.Value)
If Me.optDelivered.Value Then
Range(“J3”).Value = Me.optDelivered.Caption
End If

End Sub

Please note that the names for the OptionButtons.

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