Automatically Open Specific Page in PDF Document Using Excel VBA

Many viewers wanted to know how to automatically open a specific page in a PDF document using Excel VBA. Watch the training video below before you study the complete VBA code and download the attached sample file:

Watch the video on YouTube.

Download a sample Excel file:

Complete VBA code for automatically opening a specific page number in a PDF document in Excel:
Sub openPDFPage()
Dim myLink As String
Dim myPage As Long
Dim objIE As New InternetExplorer

‘myLink = “C:\files-from-excelvbaonline\excel_vba_programming_for_dummies_3rd_edition.pdf”
myLink = “”

myPage = InputBox(“Enter the page number”)

With objIE
.Navigate myLink & “#page=” & myPage
.Visible = True
End With
End Sub