Create Forms with Microsoft Forms App

How to create forms with the free Microsoft Forms App without VBA quickly and easily. Watch the video below:

Using Microsoft Forms App

What is Microsoft Forms?
Microsoft Forms is a simple, easy-to-use app that lets us create surveys, quizzes, and polls quickly and easily on desktop computers as well as mobile devices. In learning institutions, it can be used to create quizzes, collect assessments from teachers and parents, or plan class and staff tasks. In business organizations, it can be used to collect customer observations, measure employee happiness, refine our product or business, or arrange corporate events.

Microsoft Forms is free to use for any of the following:

People who have purchased Office 365 or have Microsoft personal account
Persons with a Hotmail, Live or account

We can log in to and start creating surveys, quizzes, and polls.

  • Under My Forms, select New Form. Next name the form. We can also enter a subtitle for the form
  • Select Add Question to add a new question to your form
  • Select preview at the top of the design window to see how the form will appear on a desktop computer or mobile device

We can toggle our settings to allow users outside of our company to respond to our survey. In this case, users will be submitting forms anonymously. If we wish to know who filled out our survey, we can require visitors to fill in their names as part of our questionnaire.

Microsoft Forms works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and the web.

Microsoft Forms is available to use on desktop and mobile browsers. This guarantees that a wide audience can respond to our survey without having to download a separate app.
Microsoft Forms works best with Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version), Chrome on Android (latest version), and Safari on iOS (latest version).

How to share a form in Microsoft Forms
By default, only people within our company can submit responses to our form. If we wish to allow anyone to submit feedback, select the drop-down ‘Only people in my organization can respond’ and then select ‘Anyone with the link can respond’.

How to send a form link to others
Open the form you want to share and select Share.

Ensure that the Link button is selected, and then click Copy next to the text box that displays a form URL.

Copy and then paste this link in an email

How to share a form QR code
Select the QR button to view a QR code for your form.

Select Download, and the decide if you want to save the QR code (in .png format) or open it. Add the QR code wherever the participants can scan it with a QR code scanner, such as a mobile device.

How to embed the form in a web-page
Select the Embed button.

Click Copy next to the text box that displays the embed code, and then paste this embed code into a blog or web page.

How to invite others through email
Select the Email button.

When your default email editing application like Outlook opens, type the email addresses of the persons you wish to show your form in the ‘To box’ of your email app. MS Forms includes a brief note for the recipient in the mail body so that they have proper context for the invitation and a link to the form.

When you’re ready to mail your form, click Send.

Anyone who receives the form link through email will be able to forward that email to other people where they can see and complete the form. Make sure you’re happy sharing the details before sending the link.

How to study the results of Microsoft Forms

Now it’s time to view the results.

Open the form for which you want to review the results, and then select the Responses tab.

Select View results to see details for each participant, such as time it took to fill the form and the choice(s) selected.

To easily view all of the response data for the form in Microsoft Excel, select ‘Open in Excel’.

We can click on the ‘More Details’ link to view the name of each respondent and the answers to each question.

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