Create Folders and Files Automatically

How to create folders and files automatically using VBA. Watch the video below:

Create Folders and Files Automatically

Here’s the complete VBA code to create the folder and files quickly and easily:

Option Explicit

Sub CreateNewFolderAndFile()

Dim strFolderName As String
Dim strFolderExists As String

strFolderName = “C:\CreateFolder\”
strFolderExists = Dir(strFolderName, vbDirectory)

If strFolderExists = “” Then
MsgBox “The folder doesn’t exist!”
MkDir strFolderName
MsgBox “New Folder created successfully!”, vbInformation, “Folder Created”
MsgBox “The selected folder already exists!”
End If

Dim wb As Workbook

Dim strFileName As String
Dim strFileExists As String
strFileName = InputBox(“Enter a file name like abc.xlsx”, “File Name”)

strFileName = strFolderName & strFileName
strFileExists = Dir(strFileName)

If strFileExists = “” Then
MsgBox “The selected file doesn’t exist” & strFileName
MsgBox “The file exists” & ” ” & strFileName
Exit Sub
End If

Set wb = Workbooks.Add

wb.SaveAs strFileName


MsgBox “The new file has been created successfully in the folder!”, vbInformation, “File Created”

End Sub