August 21, 2021

2021 | Recover Data From Protected Excel File| Google Sheets

How to recover data from a password protected Excel file whose password we have forgotten or lost using Google Sheets. Watch the video:

Recover Data From Protected Excel File with Google Sheets

A number of people who protect their workbook or worksheet often forget or lose this password. Now if they wish to work with the data, they cannot access it. There are a number of free methods mentioned on the internet including using Visual Basic for Applications or macro code to recover the data but such methods do not provide the needed results. Using Google sheets is an elegant and sure shot method of recovering the password protected data for free. Paid methods are also available like PassFab.

  1. Login to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the Apps icon and select ‘Sheets’ as shown in the image below:
Accessing Google Sheets Via Gmail Account
Accessing Google Sheets Via Gmail Account

4. Start a new spreadsheet

Start a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets
Start a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets

5. From the file menu select import:

Select Import from File menu
Select Import from File Menu

6. Click on Upload. Choose the file from your computer to upload as shown in the video.

Google Sheets - Upload
Google Sheets – Upload

7. When the file is uploaded select ‘Replace Spreadsheet’ and then, click on ‘Import Data’. The protected Excel sheet is now open.

Replace Spreadsheet

8. Go to the File > Download as > Microsoft Excel. Now, you can work with your excel file. It is not password-protected anymore.

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)