Upload Image PDF and Video files automatically via WhatsApp

How to upload image, pdf and video files automatically via Whatsapp desktop using VBA with Chrome, Selenium and Selenium Wrapper softwares.

Watch the video below:

Automate Different Files Uploads

Here’s the complete VBA code to automate uploading of different files via Whatsapp desktop:

Option Explicit
Dim driver As New WebDriver

Sub SendDataUsingChromeDriverSeleniumWrapper()

‘Chrome Driver
‘Selenium Wrapper

Dim filepath As String, myMessage As String

Dim keys As New SeleniumWrapper.keys

myMessage = Sheet1.Range(“C2”)

filepath = InputBox(“Enter the file path”)

driver.Start “chrome”

driver.Get “https://web.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919810081867&text=” & myMessage


driver.Wait 5000


driver.Wait 10000

driver.FindElementByXPath(“//input[@accept=’image/*,video/mp4,video/3gpp,video/quicktime’]”).SendKeys (filepath)

driver.Wait 2000 ‘ this wait time depends on the size of your file max 64 mb

driver.FindElementByXPath(“//span[@data-icon = ‘send’]”).Click

driver.Wait 2000

driver.SendKeys (keys.Enter)

End Sub

Automate Uploading of different Files via Whatsapp Desktop
Automate Uploading of different Files via Whatsapp Desktop