Google Sheets for Translation

How to use the free Google Sheets tool for translation in different languages.

Watch the video below:

Google Sheets for Translation into different languages

Last time I showed you how to use the Translate tool in Microsoft Excel to translate text into different languages quickly and easily. So I thought let me try the same translation method in Google sheets. I was surprised to note that Google sheets has a sim formula called GoogleTranslate to perform amazing translations.

If we have a Gmail or Google mail account we can go to the apps area as shown in the training video and open a Google sheet which looks the same as the Excel worksheet. In one cell we can write our text to be translated. In another cell we start by writing ‘=’ as in Excel and the moment we write ‘=goo’ we can view a function called GOOGLETRANSLATE. It takes the parameters text_to_be_translated, source_Language, target_language. For example to translate the English text into German we would write:


The text would be translated from English to German. The quality of translation of the Google Translate tool is not as good as the Microsoft Translate tool.

Google Sheets for Translation
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