Translation in Excel Without VBA

How to translate in Excel without VBA in Office Excel 365.

Watch the video below:

Translation in Excel

In my earlier video I had shown how to use the Google Translate tool in combination with VBA to translate data into different languages automatically. This has one major drawback: If the code of the web-page changes then we may have to change our VBA code from scratch. So there was a need to find an easier solution without using VBA.

First we select the text. Next we can click on the Review tab and select Translate from the Language group. If we hover the mouse over the Translate icon we can see the comment: Translate the selected text into a different language. We can also access the translate tool by pressing Shift+Alt+F7.

We notice on the right hand-side a new window with the heading Translator. Microsoft Excel can detect the data’s language automatically. Now we can select the language into which we wish to translate.

When we use the Translate tool for the first time and have not selected the data, we may get a window on the right-hand side with the title Research. Here also you can easily see how to use the translation tool.

You can now copy the translated material back into the Excel worksheet. We can translate the matter into multiple languages including Hindi, Chinese and Japanese. The translation quality is excellent.

Translation in Excel without VBA
Translation without VBA