February 14, 2014

Add Calendar Control to Worksheet

Adding calendar tool in Excel worksheet
Entering dates in Excel cells can be tedious. Using the calendar control makes our work more productive. Once the dates have been entered quickly, you can perform analysis like when certain employees joined the company and also maybe, when they resigned. If the duration of their stay was less than 6 months, you could use a remark column to indicate what was the reason for their leaving, etc.
Using the calendar control tool in Microsoft Excel
1. Work faster
2. Using the Control Toolbox in design view you can move the calendar around
3. Our dates are in the format mm/dd/yyyy
4. You can of course select your own date formats

Did you observe? A single line of code creates such a lovely tool.
activecell.value=calendar. Value
Here you assign the calendar value to the active cell i. e. the cell which is selected.
You need to ensure that the names you have assigned are used correctly!

Calendar Control VBA
Calendar Control VBA

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