February 10, 2014

Add Spin Button Control

Adding spin buttonĀ control to Excel worksheet

Adding spinner control to Excel worksheet to enter data:

  • Delete the contents of cell C3 (Down Payment), if any.
  • Click the the spin button control on the forms toolbar
  • Insert a spinner button in an appropriate cell by clicking and dragging
  • Right-click the spinner button and select ‘Format Control…’. Fill the dialog box with the relevant details as shown in the Excel training video. The maximum value you can enter is 30000. The spinner button is directly linked to the relevant cell – cell C3 against the Down Payment.
  • Finally Click OK
  • To check out the spinner button, click away from the spinner button or press ‘Esc’ to deselect it.
  • Now try it out. The values in the cell C3 will increment or decrement by 500 as specified by you in the format control properties.

The Excel training video demonstrates the concept in detail.

In the next video we will demonstrate how to add a scroll bar to input and change the interest rate. You can view the previous video on how to add a combobox button to an Excel worksheet.

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