March 15, 2014

Avoid Error in Counting Dates in MS Excel

Query of a website visitor regarding error in count of dates in MS Excel:
“I require a section of my program to read dates or count the dates within a time period as per attachment \the month of Oct till Nov The program indicates 38 dates used within the month, should read 45 days used in the month. could you check and advise If and why it wont read past 3 session of the program correctly.
Thank you for your assistance.
Ross Lindsey”
A slight error in the logical thinking and application of a function can cause a huge error in data analysis in MS Excel. Ross just forgot to use the ‘=’ to operator in his sumproduct function and got a wrong calculation for the number of his entered dates.

We had discussed the countif and sumproduct earlier which have been used in this excel training video to understand and solve the problem.

The training video below describes how to correct the error and find the correct answer: