February 23, 2014

Convert function in Excel 2007

Convert is a useful function in many areas and helps to convert numerical data from one measurement system into another. For example, the weatherman may like to convert temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit to temperatures in degrees Centigrade. Sometimes you may like to convert miles into meters or square feet into square meters. We may observe a weight in pounds and since you are using the metric system you may like to know the weight of the object in Kilograms. Convert can perform many more such conversions and thus provide help not only to the common man but also students, engineers, etc.

=CONVERT(2,”lbm”,”kg”) – converts pounds to kilograms
=CONVERT(78,”F”,”C”) – converts degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Centigrade
=CONVERT(2,”mi”,”km”) – miles are converted to kilometers
=CONVERT(100,”J”,”cal”) – Joules to calories
=CONVERT(5,”HP”,”W”) – Horse Power to Watt

So the convert function can be used in all the following fields:

Weight and mass
Liquid measure

Important things to notes while using the convert function:

  • If the input data types are incorrect, the convert function returns #VALUE! as error.
  • If the unit does not exist, the function will return #N/A error.
  • If the unit does not support an abbreviated unit prefix, the convert formula will also returns #N/A.
  • Unit names and prefixes are case-sensitive as shown in the case of Kilograms ‘kg’ and ‘Kg’. ‘kg’ works but ‘Kg’ gives an error.