May 5, 2015

Create Excel Data Form Quickly with VBA

How to create Excel data form quickly with VBA. Creating a data form in Excel is easy. You create a data form that has many buttons like  ‘New’, ‘Delete’, ‘Restore’, ‘Find Previous’, ‘Find Next’, ‘Criteria’ and ‘Close’. We can therefore use the data form dialog box to view, add, delete or change a record in our Excel worksheet data. We can utilize the data form to also to find specific records using criteria by clicking on the criteria button. If we enter or edit data on our data form, Excel automatically updates the data in the Excel worksheet. If you notice the data form automatically displays the total number of records in the worksheet and also displays all the headers in the data form.

This form can be created easily using standard procedures or with Excel VBA without a great knowledge of coding. Sometimes in the Excel versions of 2007, 2010 and 2013 you may have to add the item ‘form’ using the ‘options’ button. The method of creating and displaying a data form in Excel using VBA is straightforward as shown in the training video below:

Download a sample Excel file for practice:

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    1. If you mean code for the button, then those are two lines of code shown in the video!

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