March 4, 2014

Create Mailing Labels in MS Word Using Excel Named Range

How to use Microsoft Excel 2007 with Word 2007
Create and print mailing labels in MS Word Using a named Range in Excel

You can create an address list as a named range in Excel 2007 which can be used to create labels for a mass mailing using mail merge in Word 2007. The process involves basically two steps:

  • Prepare the worksheet data in Excel for the mail merge
  • Configure the labels for the mail merge in Word

Watch the video below to see how the process is implemented.

2 thoughts on “Create Mailing Labels in MS Word Using Excel Named Range

  1. I have a sheet of Avery labels two across by 5 rows down. I also have the Avery template for those labels downloaded from the Avery web site and wish to use VBA to create address labels from Excel automatically using VBA

    In the past I have created Word documents from Excel data using templates and VBA but I am having a lot of difficulty getting data from Excel into these labels using VBA. I have tried using a Word table without success either.

    Could you help?

  2. MS Word and Excel are the two important programs of the Microsoft that people use the most. So, if you want to create mailing labels in the MS Word, Yo have to use the Excel first and have to make the worksheet data in that.

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