March 21, 2014

Custom data validation in Excel in Hindi

Custom data validation in Excel can help the user to validate text, number, date and duplicate entries in a worksheet. View free training video in Hindi.

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3 thoughts on “Custom data validation in Excel in Hindi

  1. Hello Sir
    I was watching your Excel tutorial videos on You Tube and I really appreciate your way of explanation which is so easy to understand. Sir I need some help on formula and that is for example I am working in an organisation where we work on shift basis with 3 teams involved that is you can say, A B and C and it is on target and performance, like I give an example let’s say in month of April Team A produced 10000 bags by using 600 staff and worked 22 days for that month and B Team produced 11000 bags they used 650 staff and worked 21 days whereas Team C produced 8900 bags using only 400 staff and worked for 23 days for that month. so as you can see here team A production was higher than Team B and C that is because Team A used more staff than Team B and C also you can see Team C production was very low and that is because Team C used Less staff than Team B and C . Now the problem comes when you get end of the month performance summary where you can see Team C performance is very is there any formula you can use to justify production and get actual result. like
    10000 production staff used 600 days worked 22
    11000 production staff used 650 days worked 21 days
    8900 production staff used 400 and days worked 23. so is there any formula you can use production against staff and days worked to get exact answer. I will really appreciate if you can help me to solve this problem

    Best Regards


  2. sir.
    in that case if will copy from another column than data will be paste. in that case custom validation not working . so is there is any option we don’t paste data from other column in that custom column against .
    mean text against only text will be paste in column not number .


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