Data Forms in Excel 2007

What happened to the data forms in Excel 2007?
Data forms provide a convenient way to enter data in Excel. Most users find it convenient to add, delete, find or view data in this manner because it is more intuitive than the rows and columns in Excel.

Let’s watch the complete process in action.
Click on the ‘Office button’.
Select ‘Excel Options…’.
In the Excel Options window, click on ‘customize’ on the left.
Under ‘choose commands from:’, click on the drop-down arrow and select ‘all commands’.
In the options below select ‘form…’.
Click on the ‘Add>>’ button to add the ‘form’ item to the Quick Access Toolbar.
Complete the whole process by clicking on the ‘OK’ button.
Now the ‘form’ item appears in the Quick Access Toolbar next to the ‘Office Button’
In a shorter procedure you could right click on the Quick Access Toolbar and then select ‘customize quick access toolbar..’. The next steps are the same as mentioned above.

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