Data Forms in Excel

Data Forms in Excel to Enter and Edit Data
Description of the process of displaying the data form:
1. Click on the Quick Access Toolbar
2. From the drop-down menu select More Commands…
3. The Excel Options window opens up
4. Below the option on the right called ‘Choose Commands from:’ we select All Commands
5. We scroll to the ‘F’ area and select ‘Form…’
6. We click on the ‘Add > >’ button so that the command Form.. is added to our Quick Access Toolbar
7. Click on the OK button
8. The item appears in our quick access toolbar (QAT)
9. Select the data on the Excel worksheet and click on the Form icon in the QAT
10. We observe our data in Sheet2 displayed in a form with the caption Sheet2
11. We can edit the data except the Total Marks and Average Marks which are calculated fields
12. We can add new data which will also be displayed on our worksheet
13. We can search for data
14. We can delete data from the worksheet using this form

Data Forms in Microsoft Excel therefore provide a neat way for many users to enter and edit data. The form displayed has a user friendly structure with the headings in the worksheet acting as labels. The formula results are displayed but the formulas cannot be edited on the form itself. You can also find or search for specific data by defining criteria.
Watch the video below to discover how the complete process is implemented:

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