Data Lists Excel 2003

Using data lists in Microsoft Excel 2003 you can sort data, filter data, perform calculations and add a row or column quickly without disturbing the data or sheet around the lists

How to create and use lists in Excel:  On the Data menu, point to List, and then click Create List.  If the selected data has headers, select the My list has headers check box and click OK.  The selected range of data is highlighted by the list indicator, and the most common list related functionality is made available on the List toolbar.  After the list has been created, it will be identified by a blue border. In addition, AutoFilter drop-downs will be automatically enabled for each column in the list and the insert row will be added as the last row or the list. If you choose to add a total row by clicking Toggle Total Row on the List toolbar, a total row will be displayed under the insert row. Other Excel functions like sum, average, min, max, etc. will be easily available through a drop down menu at the ‘total value’ cell.  Once you have created a list in your Microsoft Excel worksheet, there are several methods to add a row or column to your list.  Watch the Excel training video below to see how lists in Excel are important and useful objects:

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