Enter Dates of Weekdays in Excel Worksheet

How to enter only dates of weekdays in an Excel worksheet
You can save time when you wish to enter dates only of weekdays and avoid entering weekend dates automatically by using the fill series feature in Excel – an often overlooked useful way of working.

We can enter dates only for working weekdays and avoid entering dates of weekends without using a function or a macro.
First we select all the worksheet cells where we would like to enter the dates.
In the Home tab under the editing command group we click on the drop-down arrow next to the ‘Fill’ item.
Select series.
In the ‘Series’ window that opens check the radio button Date under the heading Type and the radio button Weekday under the heading Date unit.
Next click on the OK button.
We notice that the dates entered in the worksheet cells are only for working days from Monday to Friday. The dates for Saturday and Sunday are not entered.

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  1. Is there any way to automate this by just entering the starting date and a macro or function will fill in the remaining rows?

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