Export data from Outlook to Excel

How to export data (contacts) from Outlook to Excel

Export data from Outlook to Excel and manipulate the data according to your needs and you can then import it back to Outlook. Analyzing data in Excel imported from the contact folders of Outlook using features like auto filter, advanced filter, pivot tables, etc can help the user discover many new things like ideas for email marketing.
The process of exporting data from Microsoft Outlook into an Excel worksheet involves the following steps:

  • Start Microsoft Outlook
  • Click on ‘File’ in the menu bar and select ‘Import and Export…’
  • Next select ‘Export to a file’ from the ‘Import and Export wizard’ under ‘Choose an action to perform’
  • In the window ‘Export to a file’ under ‘create a file of type’ select Microsoft Excel
  • In the next step under ‘folder to export from’ select ‘contacts’
  • Then define a file name like ‘test.xls’ in a folder of your choice. We have, for example, defined a file name ‘test.xls’ on the Desktop for demonstration purposes.Clicking on next indicates in the ‘Export to file’ window under ‘the following actions will be performed’ title ‘Export contacts from folder: Contacts’
  • At this stage you can map the fileds in Outlook to the fields you wish to display in Excel. These fields will become ‘header fields’ in the Excel worksheet
  • Click finish to complete the process
  • The Excel training video describes the process in good detail

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