Extract Specific Data from MS Word into Excel with VBA

How to extract specific data from MS Word into Excel with VBA automatically.
We use two worksheets in Excel. The first worksheet contains the search terms that we wish to extract from Word. The second sheet, if not available is created automatically and the search term, paragraph number and the associated data extracted from Ms Word , is displayed here. watch the video before studying the accompanying code.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Here’s the complete VBA code to extract data from a Word document quickly and easily:

Sub LocateSearchItem()
Dim shtSearchItem As Worksheet
Dim shtExtract As Worksheet
Dim oWord As Word.Application
Dim WordNotOpen As Boolean
Dim oDoc As Word.Document
Dim oRange As Word.Range
Dim LastRow As Long ‘ last row with data in shtSearchItem
Dim CurrRowShtSearchItem As Long ‘ current row in shtSearchItem
Dim CurrRowShtExtract As Long ‘ current row in shtExtract
Dim myPara As Long

On Error Resume Next

Set oWord = GetObject(, "Word.Application")

If Err Then
    Set oWord = New Word.Application
    WordNotOpen = True
End If

On Error GoTo Err_Handler

oWord.Visible = True
Set oDoc = oWord.Documents.Open("C:\Users\takyar\Desktop\VBA & Word.docx")       ' <= modify according to your path

Set shtSearchItem = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1)
If ThisWorkbook.Worksheets.Count < 2 Then
    ThisWorkbook.Worksheets.Add After:=shtSearchItem
End If
Set shtExtract = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(2)

LastRow = shtSearchItem.UsedRange.Rows(shtSearchItem.UsedRange.Rows.Count).Row

For CurrRowShtSearchItem = 2 To LastRow
    Set oRange = oDoc.Range
    With oRange.Find
        .Text = shtSearchItem.Cells(CurrRowShtSearchItem, 1).Text
        .MatchCase = False
        .MatchWholeWord = True
        While oRange.Find.Execute = True
            myPara = oDoc.Range(0, oWord.Selection.Paragraphs(1).Range.End).Paragraphs.Count

            CurrRowShtExtract = CurrRowShtExtract + 1

            shtExtract.Cells(CurrRowShtExtract, 1).Value = .Text
            shtExtract.Cells(CurrRowShtExtract, 2).Value = myPara
            shtExtract.Cells(CurrRowShtExtract, 3) = oDoc.Paragraphs(myPara).Range

            oRange.Collapse wdCollapseEnd

    End With
Next CurrRowShtSearchItem

If WordNotOpen Then
End If

'Release object references

Set oWord = Nothing
Set oDoc = Nothing

Exit Sub

MsgBox “Word caused a problem. ” & Err.Description, vbCritical, “Error: ” & Err.Number
If WordNotOpen Then
End If

End Sub

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Sample File for Download and Practice:

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  1. Sir plz make a video on excel which include the following topics…
    1) add data. (this add function should work in such a way that two copies of data should be generated, one on the main sheet and another on the sheet in which i want too.
    2)delete data. (delete the data from main sheet only and not from the another sheet)
    Search data. (this function should search the data from the second backup sheet not from the main sheet.
    3)refresh data( just for update the data. )
    4)print data( last sheet should be printed.)
    5) clear data( this should clear the content of the selected part but not the formulas of that region.)

    I will be really very thankful to u sir…
    I will be waiting for my video…
    Thanks …
    Md shahid Hussain.

  2. Hi, this is really great!
    How can we modify this to extract from multiple MS Word documents at one go? Or extract from a specific folder with all the MS Word documents that we want to work on?

    Thank you.

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