Fill Across Worksheets Excel

Fill across worksheets in Excel

Entering the same data on other worksheets automatically.
Let’s say you have entered the column headers in Sheet1 and want these headers in more worksheets and you don’t wish to type the same data again. This happens when we create monthly sales, expense or other data. Click the tab of the worksheet that contains the data. Press ‘ctrl’ on the keyboard and then click with your mouse all the Excel worksheets where you want your data. You can use the scroll buttons next to the tabs if you don’t see all the tabs that you wish to select. Then select the data in the worksheet that contains the data. On the ‘home’ tab, in the ‘editing’ group, click the single downward pointing arrow called ‘fill’ and then select ‘Across worksheets…’. In the popup window that appears select the option you want as shown in the training video. Note: you must take care that you don’t replace the existing data in other Excel worksheets. To avoid this situation you can view all worksheets at the same time. On the view tab in the ‘window’ group, click ‘New Window’. Switch to the new window and then click the sheet tab of the worksheet that you want to view. Repeat the above for each worksheet that you want to view. Then click ‘arrange all’ via the ‘view’ and in the ‘window’ group.

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