Find Next Blank Row for Data Entry Using VBA

A useful macro to find the next empty or blank row in an Excel worksheet
Let’s say you wish to calculate and then transfer data from a userform via a macro to an Excel worksheet. The first step involves finding out where the next empty or blank row lies. In our example we have a database already in place with the titles ‘Item’ and ‘Unit’. We have described how you find out the next empty row for data entry using a macro. The macro gives a message with the empty row number. Based on this information you can build a more detailed userform as shown in the next training videos.In an earlier example we had described how to achieve the same thing using the offset property.

View the training video:

8 thoughts on “Find Next Blank Row for Data Entry Using VBA

  1. I am fairly competent in Excel, but I find your tutorials very enlightening and full of new little tricks.

    But, how can I copy the VBA code that you demonstrate in your videos.

    As I like to build up a library of interesting little excel procedures.

    Thanks for all your great tutorials.

    Regards Terry from Australia.

  2. I followed your lecture with keen interest. I seem to understand every bit of it, but when i tried it the cursor could not locate the last empty row. rather i get only the count number. Also i noticed you did not define the erow but it worked for you, Is there a secrete? When i tried without defining the erow it dose not work for me.

  3. how can I in a excel worksheet.
    place data in cell A1 copy it to next open cell in D cells, than have data that was just placed in D be subtracted from principle in C6.
    Data just place in D-cell must remain when data in A1 is changed to ne amount.

    Also I would like to insert date in E cell when data in D is added. Record the date payment made.

    Thanks hope to hear from you on this.


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