For Next Loop Excel Macro for calculations in Hindi

The For Next loop macro is a variant of looping which helps in calculations and analysis of MS Excel data.
Let’s say you have data in rows 3 to 10. Now you know the starting and end points of your data. Using the for next loop you can perform the calculations.
The code now looks like this:
Sub calculations()
For Row = 3 To 10
Cells(Row, 4) = Cells(Row, 3) * Cells(Row, 2)
Cells(Row, 5) = Cells(Row, 4) * 0.125
Cells(Row, 6) = Cells(Row, 4) + Cells(Row, 5)
Next Row
End Sub
The online training video in Hindi clarifies the concept in detail.

Watch the training video on YouTube

One thought on “For Next Loop Excel Macro for calculations in Hindi”

  1. सर आपने for next loop बहुत ही अच्छी तरह से समझाया मे चाहता हु userform मे calculation करना for loop द्धारा कैसे करते है

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